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TikaDevice™: The Mobile, Real-time Analytics Platform Purpose-built to Increase Medical Device Sales

Data assets that impact medical device revenues and market share are everywhere across an organization, regardless of size. TikaMobile’s data integration and analytics platform, TikaDevice, and medical device sales transforms those data assets into ongoing actionable insights for field reps and the home office, providing the most up-to-date information about customers and prospects, and driving value-based selling. TikaDevice is fast, easy-to-use and designed around the day-in-the-life of medical device sales and marketing teams.

Why TikaDevice

A field-proven, mobile-first solution, purpose-built for medical device sales

A profound transformation is taking place in the medical device industry by using and medical device sales and it’s having an undeniable impact on commercial teams of all sizes. The list of challenges is staggering – healthcare reform, complex sales & contracting models, new promotional channels, fierce competition, and the demand to reduce costs.

It’s the opportune time to rethink how you execute and monitor your organization’s sales strategy.

Most sales and marketing strategies continue to rely on reps building and maintaining strong relationships with physicians who could influence hospital-purchasing decisions. But the evolving economics of healthcare have significantly diminished physician influence and have challenged dated sales and marketing strategies. With TikaDevice, sales reps and marketing teams are better equipped to demonstrate the value of a medical device to multiple stakeholders and decision-makers.

Eliminates costly and timely customization of non-industry specific solutions. Designed for medical device sales best practices, TikaDevice is easily configured for your workflows, preferred metrics (KPIs) and available data.

Our user-centric design philosophy combined with a fully native mobile application helps increase user adoption and makes onboarding new reps a snap. The application is available in both online and offline mode right from your mobile phone or tablet.

TikaMobile offers pricing structures that accommodate organizations of all sizes and locations.

What do our clients say?

“Using the TikaMobile solution has changed the way we do business. Our new sales reps ramp up in weeks, not months, and sales have increased by 14% year-over-year.”

(National Sales Manager of a major medical device company)

beyond crm
    TikaDevice Features
  • Physician Targeting based on the latest customer information, deciles, affiliations and analytics.
  • Call Planning including interactive geo-maps with query and routing capabilities.
  • Opportunity Management including pipeline summary, last order, contact data and back order (potential).
  • Customer Touchpoint Logging that eliminates the need to log into other applications or rely on spreadsheets.
  • Trunk Stock and Consignment Alerts allow your reps to make customer guarantees with confidence.
  • Key Metrics at the physician and account level including performance gap analysis.

TikaDevice – one mobile application that combines CRM, ERP and Targeting so field reps get the information they need to make more strategic decisions, and home office teams get the information they need for better analysis and insights.


CRM Plus

CRM Plus

Execute your organization’s sales strategy through one user-friendly, mobile-optimized application. Integrate with your existing CRM tool or just use TikaDevice.
Contract & Pricing

Contract & Pricing

A solution that puts the correct price for any given product (or part or SKU) at the fingertip of the rep, based on the account.

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Case Tracker

Case Tracker

Case Tracker is Tika’s survey module, designed to provide customer feedback to the brand teams.


TikaDevice’s forecasting tool is easy-to-use on mobile phones, tablets and desktops, encouraging reps to provide information that will automatically roll up to the entire organization.
National Accounts

National Accounts

The National Accounts application provides access to individual GPO and IDN performance by hospitals.
Reimbursement Manager

Reimbursement Manager

TikaMobile’s Reimbursement Manager creates a tight coordination between the reimbursement and sales teams.

CRM Plus

TikaDevice is visually stunning, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use and created specifically for medical device sales. No more fumbling between office applications and spreadsheets to get the business intelligence you need. More timely information allows for better preparation, enabling reps to better demonstrate value and close the sale – ahead of your competition. The platform can be used as a standalone application or it can integrate with your existing CRM tool, such as Veeva,, Siebel, etc.

Contract & Pricing

Tika Contract & Pricing addresses significant pain points shared by many medical device reps and their organizations when it comes to quoting the price of a device. Before using TikaDevice, our clients reported calling the home office and waiting up to 48 hours to receive a price quote. This issue becomes even more complicated when multiple sales reps from the same company target the same account. Device manufacturer’s reputations have been impacted when different prices are quoted by different sales teams for the same product group.

To address this need, TikaMobile has created a solution that puts the correct price for any given product (or part or SKU) at the fingertip of the rep, based on the account. Tika’s Contract & Pricing application integrates with all contract management systems and provides the most current and accurate quote for the specific customer.

Accessing and generating contracts is also easier through TikaDevice. Some key features include:

  • Generate a contract for any product, any customer, any time, on the spot
  • Alert the sales team on contracts that are expiring
  • Provide sales reps the ability to search for the price by customer, or by part number

Little known secret: the contract page is where our users spend a lot of their time on a daily basis. How much is a lot? As high as 50 times per day!

Case Tracker

Case Tracker addresses the core challenges of measuring effectiveness of the product or the procedure in the hospital.

Key features:

  • Easy to use, mobile based, feedback entry on product/procedure
  • Customized questionnaire designed to capture  feedback
  • Conduct comparative effectiveness studies


TikaDevice addresses your forecasting challenges by allowing you to configure the right forecasting tool that will be successful for your organization. TikaDevice’s forecasting tool is easy-to-use on mobile phones, tablets and desktops, encouraging reps to use the app and provide information that will automatically roll up to the entire organization. Managers can easily interact with the data, drill down by territory or rep, run automated or ad-hoc reports, and make adjustments in strategy based on the data.

National Accounts

The National Accounts teams represent multiple business units with GPOs and IDNs.  The National Accounts application within TikaDevice provides access to individual GPO and IDN performance by hospitals, units, revenue, compliance, and more.

Key features include:

  • Timely revenue/unit/market share contract compliance tracking and trending
  • Contract dates, renewal, measurements
  • IDN/GPO/Account profile and segmentations
  • National performance
  • Regional performance
  • Account level performance
  • Product level performance
  • Service agreement and penetration
  • Product family market share mix
  • Company and customer alerts
  • Accelerated internal contract creation and internal approval
  • Visibility to support pricing rules

Reimbursement Manager

A common issue we hear from medical device sales teams: the doctor really likes the product and the first few cases went great, but the insurance company did not pay for the procedure, so the physician stopped doing more cases.

Securing reimbursement coverage for a medical device has been a considerable struggle for manufacturers, sometimes more so than getting the initial FDA regulatory approval. The reimbursement ecosystem is only getting more complicated when considering structural diversity of Medicare, various payment systems, regional and statewide plans with their own protocols, and IHNs with their own reimbursement protocols. When launching a new device or expanding to new areas or markets, having an orchestrated cadence between the reimbursement team and the sales team can be the difference between having a poor product launch and a great product launch. Any reimbursement specialist will tell you that even after the product is officially covered, there are a number of things that can still go wrong, which would create a hurdle for higher usage of the device.

TikaDevice’s Reimbursement Manager creates tight coordination between the reimbursement and field sales teams, ensuring that field sales teams are up-to-date on the latest coverage news or reimbursement challenges for any given customer. Reimbursement teams have access to an interface to create and manage payer profiles, while field reps receive the latest coverage updates in the territory, as well as reimbursement updates on each account.

Key features include:

  • Create and manage a payer account
  • Update the payer profile, add/edit contacts, activities, notes, etc.
  • Track the “payer pipeline” from initiation to coverage win
  • Streamline communication and update push on latest payer updates to the field sales team

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