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PSMA Features TikaMobile as Sponsor Spotlight

September 2019—This month, the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association selected TikaMobile Inc. to be featured as the Sponsor Spotlight in their monthly email sent to Pharmaceutical representatives and Medical Science Liaisons. 

The mission of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association not-for-profit organization is to efficiently meet society’s pharmaceutical needs through the use of management science. At their annual conference, PMSA strives towards goals such as raising awareness and promoting the use of Management Science in the pharmaceutical industry, encouraging interaction and networking among peers in this area, and creating an opportunity for reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation for members and guests.

TikaMobile attends their conference annually. In fact, they have attended PSMA five consecutive years. TikaMobile is a cloud-based analytics and CRM software company focused on the life sciences industry, utilizing advanced analytical technology.

In their recent Sponsored Spotlight by PSMA, TikaMobile discussed the surplus of date hindering team’s success, explaining how CRMs in data lakes can cut down on excess information. It is explained by TikaMobile that, “an intelligent CRM platform is able to cohesively compute the collected data and information throughout the commercial organization in order to evoke more informed strategic decision making.”

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The MedTech Conference

September 23rd-25th, 2019
TikaMobile Inc. featured our medical devices at The MedTech Conference in Boston. We were excited to be featured at this must-attend event for prominent industry companies.

TikaMobile Informs How to Effectively Boost Pharmaceutical Sales with Optimal CRM

TikaMobile Inc., a premier cloud-based business intelligence Customer Relationship Management provider for the life sciences industry, has announced the release of their most recent guide: “How Can You Effectively Boost Pharmaceutical Sales with CRM”. This industry publication walks readers through the basics of improving pharmaceutical sales results using innovative customer relationship management systems such as TikaMobile’s top-of-the-line applications. 

According to TikaMobile, “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach that supports the customer in a structured form as a means to develop sustainable and long-term relationships with both current and potential clients.” Tika also explains that “by investing in this type of software, you can effectively accelerate your sales without ever compromising the quality of your services.”

The guide breaks down why pharmaceutical sales companies should invest in a CRM system and the benefits the technology offers. TikaMobile Inc. is excited to share this knowledge with you.

To learn more about how to use CRM in pharmaceutical sales, view the guide here.

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About TikaMobile 

TikaMobile, Inc. is the premier leader in cloud-based business intelligence and CRM software for the global life sciences industry. By combining many disparate sales and marketing tools into a single easy-to-use application, while applying prescriptive, actionable analytics across the commercial organization, Tika is transforming and optimizing sales organizations for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Tika is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success and works with organizations of all sizes. Headquartered in New York City, Tika has offices in the United States, Europe and India.


The 7th Annual MSL Society Conference

September 3rd – 5th, 2019

We were excited to sponsor the MSL Society’s 7th Annual Conference in Las Vegas and showcase TikaMSL, our intelligent CRM platform designed specifically for Medical Science Liaisons. Over 300 MSLs were in attendance for networking, presentations, discussions, and workshops.

Las Vegas, NV

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Innovation and Success; A Conversation with our CEO

In an introductory meeting at TikaMobile’s New Jersey office, Manish Sharma, our founder and CEO spoke to our summer interns about the keys to success in a rapidly changing, technology-focused world.

An Indian Institute of Technology and Leonard N. Stern School of Business graduate, Sharma credits his success to thinking ahead. According to Sharma, innovation and the development of new technology should be considered on a “five year plan.” Trends run about five years at a time; if you generate a business idea that you believe would be successful in the markets now, there is potential that by the time you develop software and prepare a product for commercialization, technology will have surpassed the need for your business. “Based on trends now, look ahead and think five years from now. Create that, run with it, and by the time you’re prepared, the world will be ready for your product.”

Sharma also highlighted the importance of working hard and striving toward a goal. “Dress for the job you want, and carry yourself like it, too,” Sharma tells Tika’s new interns. As a young intern himself, Sharma worked as hard and as efficiently as possible, continuing to ask for more work to prove himself as a valuable contributor early on. He loved to help divide assignments, and found joy in giving himself the most challenging workload. 

“Challenging yourself to expand your knowledge will contribute to your overall success,” our CEO tells the room. One way Sharma likes to engage himself is by asking questions, attending conferences, and by reading business and leadership nonfiction. He referenced The Third Wave by Steve Case, which delves into the next generation of technology. Sharma highly values the works of Malcolm Gladwell, especially his New York Times bestseller, Outliers, in which Gladwell investigates the attributes that are responsible for the highest possible degrees of success in any field.

The meeting closes after Sharma discusses his goals and anticipated trajectory for Tika in the next few years. To stay ahead of the rapidly advancing state of technology, Tika hopes to revolutionize CRM software with incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and data lakes in the next few years.  Designed specifically for the life sciences industry, Tika’s innovative solutions integrate business analytic software with a CRM platform, empowering sales organizations of all sizes to perform their best and gain an edge on their competition. 

Manish sends his employees home with this: “To be successful is not a goal or a lifestyle; it’s an attitude. Incorporate this attitude into your everyday life and you will see a change.”

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10x The Medical Device Conference

May 15th, 2019 – May 16th, 2019
Our CEO Manish Sharma attended the 10x Medical Device Conference hosted by Chairman of, Joe Hage. While there, Manish sat down for a conversation with Joe to talk about TikaMobile Inc., which you can find here.
San Diego, CA

Let’s Make Life Sciences CRM Systems Smarter with BI, AI and Machine Learning

As the saying goes, the only constant is change.  Businesses today are in a perpetual state of striving for the most up-to-date and efficient technology systems and tools. One of the most popular tools is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, as it enables a company to better manage and interact with current and potential customers. A CRM system can also enhance collaboration across an organization with its usage from sales, marketing, business development, finance, IT, C-suite and recruiting teams.

CRM technology has been around for quite some time. Most companies within the life sciences industry use some form of CRM technology to connect with and organize their various teams around their customer and prospect efforts. While utilizing a CRM system is extremely beneficial to productivity and increasing visibility, today’s traditional CRM system alone is not enough. The ever-evolving life sciences industry has hit the wall when it comes to traditional CRM systems.

Today, companies must invest in a tool that goes beyond the functionality of the generic CRM system. Tools, such as business intelligence (BI), help companies identify changes within the industry and adapt quickly with a strategic plan. As technology shifts toward an emphasis on machine learning, integrating elements of artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the accuracy of critical information and the efficiency at which companies process data. Many companies are indeed leveraging these advancements, but usually through disparate, discordant systems that force their teams to toggle back and forth between systems, go through technology labyrinths, and manually connect the dots to get the information and analysis they need. The powerful consolidation of business intelligence and CRM into a single easy-to-use application with capacity for AI functions allows companies to have everything they need at their fingertips in real time.

A single system with the strategic capabilities of these integrated tools not only produces more cohesive companies, but also drives smarter business decisions based on real-time, fluid data and analyses. With business intelligence and CRM combined into a single, easy-to-use platform embedded with AI and machine learning components, companies possess the tools to revolutionize the way they operate.

It is often noted that some teams in a company fear the basic CRM platform because they view it as a “big brother” tool that is difficult to use, takes time to thoroughly update, and ultimately doesn’t provide them with any value. If the CRM system doesn’t provide the sales team with any real value, how can we expect them to use it? And if they don’t use it, how can we expect to get the data we need to connect the organization and make better decisions? This current frustrating situation is plaguing the life sciences industry.

This is one of the primary reasons why companies need to invest in a platform that goes beyond basic CRM functionalities and offers benefits to all teams in an organization. If incentives are aligned across the board, maximum productivity and efficiency will be achieved. Companies input immense amounts of data into their CRM system, but the data often sit in the system as static data, not actionable information. While it is important to have all the data in the system, it is even more critical for the system’s users to have in-depth analysis of the information. With an intelligent CRM system that integrates timely and accurate business intelligence, visibility across the organization drastically increases and teams work towards a unified strategy plan.

The combination of these tools will enable companies to leverage data and information for strategic objectives, which, in turn, creates win-win scenarios and drives up corporate revenues. The majority of smart business decisions must be backed up by data and intelligence. Integrating these resources and truly understanding the customers will strengthen productivity amongst all teams in an organization. This is the next step for the Life Sciences industry. Standard CRM technology has become table stakes and too many people are just checking the box. Integrating disparate tools and new technologies into one powerful platform is the clearest way to develop competitive advantage and flourishing in such a highly competitive marketplace.

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TikaMobile Receives Award for Top 10 in the Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry is currently experiencing a seismic shift, majorly driven by considerable external factors. The prominent players in the landscape, who heavily relied on highly popular drugs, are now facing a setback in the game due to the expiry of patents on a large scale. Moreover, customers’ expectations have increased rapidly over the years, leading researchers to identify measures to uproot the causes of diseases rather than curing patients after they are victimized. All these factors have made way for an ultimate disruption in the distribution channels, while Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are struggling to cope up with the revised regulatory compliances. In the wake of this scenario, CROs are adopting high-end technological advancements to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of cure options.
TikaMobile - H (1)

To see the full article from CIO Review, click here

CIO Review Names TikaMobile Top 10 in Life Science Technology Vendors

New York, NY (May 2019)— CIO Review, a leading magazine in enterprise tech, named TikaMobile Inc. as a top 10 vendor for life science technology. Tika’s cutting-edge software has earned this reputable distinction for its data-driven and immersive application for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

To be named among the top 10 is tremendously exciting for TikaMobile, a cloud-based analytics CRM software provider for the life sciences industry. Tika’s ability to embed business intelligence into the CRM platform creates a powerful shift in advanced data accessibility for sales reps, pushing the boundaries in comparison to legacy CRMs.

Following Tika’s recognition, CIO sat down with TikaMobile’s founder and CEO, Manish Sharma to  inquire further about TikaMobile’s evolution in the business. “We have expanded our product line on the pharmaceutical side significantly by bringing tools for medical science liaisons and market access teams,” Sharma tells CIO Review. He also explains to CIO how and why Tika shifted from “traditional approaches.”

“It is hard to thank CIO enough for granting us this accolade, and we are honored to be featured. We are excited for the expansion of our product line and the ability to adapt with the life science industry,” Sharma states. Tika plans to introduce data lakes, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology to their next generation of innovative solutions.

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