TikaMobile Receives Award for Top 10 in the Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry is currently experiencing a seismic shift, majorly driven by considerable external factors. The prominent players in the landscape, who heavily relied on highly popular drugs, are now facing a setback in the game due to the expiry of patents on a large scale. Moreover, customers’ expectations have increased rapidly over the years, leading researchers to identify measures to uproot the causes of diseases rather than curing patients after they are victimized. All these factors have made way for an ultimate disruption in the distribution channels, while Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are struggling to cope up with the revised regulatory compliances. In the wake of this scenario, CROs are adopting high-end technological advancements to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of cure options.
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TikaMobile: Precision Tools for Smarter Life Sciences Sales

In the wake of rising consumer demand, the life sciences sector today represents an ever-evolving ecosystem of new, as well as existing pharmaceutical and medical device products that create competitive pressures and leave sales representatives and entire organizations struggling to successfully position and differentiate their offerings. Legacy systems, silos, and processes that many life sciences companies contend with present barriers in the face of fast-paced changes and market trends buffeting the industry. The explosion of data has exacerbated the problem even more.
2018 Award

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TikaMobile: Best-In-Class Mobile Analytics for Sales Reps: Increase Revenues while Reducing IT Cost

In the constantly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, organizations are facing increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’ due to healthcare reforms and new regulations. With the enterprise drowning in today’s rapidly growing sea of data, CIOs are looking for a solution to integrate data from various sources and empower sales representatives to focus on the most critical customers. “Our product is designed to leverage valuable data assets while reducing the burden of data mining by field repre-sentatives, resulting in better ROI for management,” says Manish Sharma, CEO and Founder of TikaMobile. “We provide sales representatives a way to quickly determine the highest priority customers, when to visit them, and the key messages they need to deliver.”
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