TikaDevice™: The Mobile, Real-time Analytics Platform Purpose-built to Increase Medical Device Sales

Data assets that impact medical device revenues and market share are everywhere across an organization – regardless of size. The TikaMobile Data Integration and Analytics Platform transforms those data assets into ongoing actionable insights for field reps and the home office. Along with fundamental medical device CRM features that reps find valuable and easy to use, TikaDevice provides field-based sales reps with the latest information on where they stand with customers to help drive value-based selling.

A field-proven, mobile-first solution, purpose-built for medical device sales

A profound transformation is taking place in the medical device industry, and it’s having an undeniable impact on commercial teams of all sizes. The list of challenges is staggering – healthcare reform, complex sales & contracting models, new promotional channels, fierce competition, and the demand to reduce costs.

It’s the opportune time to rethink how you execute and monitor your organization’s sales strategy.

Most sales and marketing strategies continue to rely on reps building and maintaining strong relationships with physicians who could influence hospital-purchasing decisions. But the evolving economics of healthcare have significantly diminished physician influence. With TikaDevice, sales reps and marketing teams are better equipped to demonstrate the value of a medical device to multiple decision-makers.

TikaMobile offers pricing structures that accommodate organizations of all sizes and locations.

Built for medical device.

Eliminates costly and timely customization of non-industry specific solutions. Designed with best practices, TikaDevice can be easily adapted to your workflows, preferred metrics (KPIs) and available data.

User friendly.

Our user-centric design philosophy combined with a fully native mobile application helps increase user adoption and makes on boarding new reps a snap. The application is available in both on-line and off-line mode right from your mobile device or tablet.

Cost effective.

TikaMobile offers pricing structures that accommodate organizations of all sizes and locations.

    TikaDevice Features
  • Physician Targeting based on the latest customer information, deciles, affiliations and analytics.
  • Call Planning including interactive geo-maps with query and routing capabilities.
  • Opportunity Management including pipeline summary, last order, contact data and back order (potential).
  • Customer Touchpoint Logging that eliminates the need to log into other applications or rely on spreadsheets.
  • Trunk Stock and Consignment Alerts, so your reps can make customer guarantees with confidence.
  • Key Metrics at the physician and account level including performance gap analysis.

TikaDevice – one mobile application that combines CRM, ERP and Targeting so your team members get the information they need in the field, and you have the insights you need in the home office. With this level of visibility and these key insights, your organization will enjoy more streamlined and effective product launches and promotional campaigns – ahead of your competition.

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What do our clients say?

“Using the TikaMobile solution has changed the way we do business. Our new sales reps ramp up in weeks, not months, and sales have increase by 14% year-over-year.”

(National Sales Manager of a major medical device company)