ZS Pharma selects TikaMobile as their Mobile Intelligence and Analytics Platform

TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that ZS Pharma, a member of the AstraZeneca Group focused on using its proprietary ion-trap technology to develop new treatments addressing unmet needs in the pharma and medical community, will deploy the TikaPharma solution to help launch their new product ZS-9 as a new therapeutic option for hyperkalemia.  TikaPharma will provide the ZS Pharma sales team with actionable intelligence and analysis at the customer and territory levels accessible via both iPad and web to help them drive revenue.

With its world-class team and extensive requirements, ZS Pharma required a robust solution to deliver on its vision to have a profound impact in the hyperkalemia market. This relationship with TikaMobile helps address ZS Pharma’s unmet analytics and mobility needs.

Yasser Ali, Vice President, Business Analytics at ZS Pharma said, “At ZS Pharma, we’re dedicated to leveraging innovative approaches to transform patient care.  We’ve adopted this mindset within the Commercial team when it comes to the analytics we provide to our sales team.  In TikaMobile, we found a partner equally dedicated to innovation in mobile intelligence and analytics.  New Biopharma drug launches require near real-time insights on new diagnoses, reimbursement challenges, source of business, etc. .  We feel that the TikaPharma platform is ideal to deliver this intelligence due to its agile nature and exceptional user experience.”

Implementing TikaPharma will help maximize the effectiveness of ZS Pharma’s go-to-market efforts by providing their sales reps the actionable insights they need to stay one step ahead of their competition. “We are excited to work with the ZS Pharma team”, said Manish Sharma, CEO at TikaMobile. “Our vision is to be the leading provider of mobile intelligence and analytics solutions that deliver real-time, on-demand access to the business insights that life sciences sales teams need to drive revenues and be market leaders.”

About TikaMobile

Tikamobile Inc. is leading innovations in cloud based mobile and analytics SaaS solutions for the life sciences industry. Dedicated to customer success, TikaMobile’s real time recommendation analytics  go beyond CRM to give commercial teams and field sales ongoing actionable intelligence. Our powerful, yet agile applications for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations are easy-to-use, easy to deploy, and can accommodate companies of all sizes. For more information visits us at www.tikamobile.com




NeoTract Selects TikaDevice™ as an End-to-End Mobile CRM Solution for its UroLift® System


TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that NeoTract, a developer of innovative, minimally invasive urology devices, will deploy TikaDevice across its sales force.

TikaDevice is TikaMobile’s CRM and data analytics platform for medical device launches. By enabling personalized recommendations and alerts on the latest available customer and product information, TikaDevice eliminates tedious preparation time for sales calls.

“By choosing TikaDevice, we’re confident that we’ve provided our sales team precisely what they need to target, inform and educate urologists across the country about the many advantages and benefits of the UroLift system,” said Dave Amerson, President and CEO of NeoTract, Inc.

“This is an exciting time for us at NeoTract, having just announced favorable clinical data and coverage decisions on our UroLift system,” Amerson continued. “We like that TikaDevice is easily customizable, and will save us both time and money. Last but not least, TikaDevice can easily scale as we grow.”

“We’re honored to be chosen as the platform of choice by the NeoTract team to help execute sales and marketing strategy for their pioneering medical device system,” said Manish Sharma, chief executive officer at TikaMobile. “TikaDevice integrates CRM, ERP, and physician targeting capabilities into one mobile application with insights and recommendations. This will help NeoTract get real-time access to business intelligence, allowing them to scale with confidence.”


About TikaMobile

Tikamobile Inc. is leading innovations in cloud based mobile and analytics SaaS solutions for the life sciences industry. Dedicated to customer success, TikaMobile’s real time recommendation analytics go beyond CRM to give commercial teams and field sales ongoing actionable intelligence. Our powerful, yet agile applications for Medical Device and pharmaceutical organizations are easy-to-use, easy to deploy, and can accommodate companies of all sizes. For more information visits us at www.tikamobile.com



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New Product Launch in the Medical Device Industry

TikaMobile solution is particularly well suited for new product launch in Medical Device Industry

It takes about 3 to 5 years for FDA to approve any new device in the medical field. Millions of dollars are invested in the research and resources by medical device organizations before the final launch day of the product arrives. New Product Launch is a major investment for any company. A successful launch can bring revenue as well as great customers for the company. A clear launch goal has to be set to understand the objectives and identify the market for the product. Below are the factors that need to be considered in a new product launch in the Medical Device Industry.

       Setting objectives

Coordinating your sales strategy with your sales reps is becoming increasingly important to organizations. It is important to set clear and measurable objectives to work with. Some key objectives while launching a new product in an innovative field such as Medical Devices are:

  •    What should be the essential customer documentation?
  •    How will the physicians and medical departments react to it?

New product launch is a complicated process and without a clear set of objectives it can get tedious and confusing. It is imperative to know the value proposition behind the product and its market need. The potential use of the product has a deeper influence against competitor products in the market.

       Sales Strategy

You have spent years creating your product. The question that concerns is; how are you going to align your sales strategy with your launch objectives? Providing the sales team with accurate product documentation and tools is extremely imperative. A well-defined sales strategy includes:

  •    Creating a compelling messaging or value proposition weeks before the final launch to ensure brand awareness
  •    Utilizing sales connections
  •    Developing training material for the sales reps
  •    Establishing training programs and collateral for new customers
  •    Identifying the key channels that would work the best (e.g. direct selling, distribution, contracting models)


Companies need to identify what would work the best for their product and create effective communication with the target audience during the launch. Digital can influence everything today. Leveraging the new product launch by having a digital presence can create a big difference in the sale strategy and final execution.


There are many challenges that the medical device companies can face while doing a new product launch. Any failure in a new product launch can cost millions of dollars to the company. Inadequate resources for the launch process, insufficient data and collateral for the sales reps, lack of communication between various units of the organization can add up to the challenges a medical device company can face while strategizing for a new product launch.

Core challenge for medical device organizations is setting up an accurate distribution channel. Key distribution channel functions would include: Making sure the product is available when it is time to launch, aligning your sales team with your product launch sales strategy, getting near real-time visibility into the performance of your launch, is your product selling? United States is a vast country and planning your distribution channel well in advance is critical. TikaMobile solution makes it possible for you to access all this information in real-time to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are better equipped to execute the launch strategy.

       The TikaDevice Solution

The TikaMobile solution is an effective solution for New Product Launches in the Medical Device Industry. TikaDevice is built for medical device. It eliminates costly and timely customization of non-industry specific solutions. Designed with best practices, TikaDevice can be easily adapted to your workflows, preferred metrics (KPIs) and available data which guarantees your sales team will be aligned to your sales strategy. With TikaDevice your organization will enjoy more streamlined and effective product launches and promotional campaigns – ahead of your competition.

TikaMobile helped one of the most innovative and global medical device company with a great product to launch successfully and roll out a cutting edge mobile BI solution in weeks, not years. So what was the end result? A transformation in how they conduct business worldwide. The TikaMobile solution can help your sales strategy to execute effortlessly when the time comes. All the information about aligning your distribution channel is now accessible to you now 24*7.

Our ability to do mid course corrections is the difference between success and failure of your product launch!

TikaMobile is sponsoring the upcoming MedForce Conference in Minneapolis

We are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting, presenting and sponsoring theScreenshot 2016-05-26 10.21.58 upcoming MedForce Conference in Minneapolis June 6-8. 

The MedForce Summit brings together over 150 marketing and sales leaders from medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. MedForce 2016 is an opportunity to learn how to bridge the gap between the sales and the marketing leaders in the medical device industry.

TikaMobile Inc. is a leading cloud-based platform for medical device commercialization.  With four key products: TikaCRM, TikaDevice, TikaPortfolio and TikaSurvey, our product suite streamlines the sales and marketing activities for launching and growing medical devices in the market. We provide field reps and management best in class tools for targeting and customer segmentation, call planning, CRM, customer business review, forecasting and case tracking. Having enabled numerous successful product launches on our platform, we provide the innovation needed for an accelerated path to product growth in today’s complex, outcome driven market, succeeding where traditional CRM deployments fail.

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Mobile: Bridging the gap in Pharma Industry



sales and marketingLeading organizations today are finding solutions to essentially do one thing: eliminate the structural gap between sales and marketing departments in their business. Sales and Marketing departments of any organization are fundamentally different but highly inter-related. To achieve the sales goals of any business it is important that the value proposition communicated to the target customer by both sales reps and marketers is the same.

The centre point of discussion of this post is how mobile is revolutionizing and trying to eliminate this gap between sales and marketing in pharma industry. Statista research shows that globally till date users have downloaded 102,062m mobile apps. That number is definitely way too high to be ignored. The proliferation of mobile in people’s lives worldwide is something extremely significant. Below is a graph from eMarketer‘s latest study which shows that the digital spending in pharma industry which has been steadily increasingsepnding in pharma  since last 5 years. In 2014 out of the digital spending $373 million was spent on mobile. Organizations are realizing technological advancement in this area is fast paced and sales goals need to align with the organization’s visions. Effective knowledge management for sales reps can have huge impact on the sales performance. Pharma sales reps are constantly on the move with the wide spectrum of customer demographics. Understanding what it takes to close a deal instantly is key in this competitive market. A mobile app that functions both as an analytics and a data management tool is the answer to this problem.

At this point; you would wonder what will a Mobile CRM app do here? Well; to begin with it can align your business’s planning, marketing, improvement and product goals. And in addition it will act as a hassle free and seam less customer engagement tool for the sales reps. One of the many reasons the sales reps and marketers are unable to effectively communicate is because the communication is generic and not targeted. A tool that segments all your data into the verticals it needs to be can help improve the sales performance and reduce the pressure on your marketing team. Imagine your sales rep having personalized information at all times even when he is on the go! That is the power of mobile today. The tool can enable real time alerts and notifications to facilitate patient engagement.

A forward thinking CRM tool can help you:

  • Effectively monitor marketing ROI of the business
  • Efficiently manage pipeline
  • Create communication channels between the sales rep and the customer
  • Promote knowledge
  • Accelerate patient engagement
  • In agile pre-calling
  • Improve team performance to meet organization goals together

With our TikaPharma product  you can actually customize entire platform with your organization’s inputs and needs. We believe in driving the competitive advantage for your organization to improve and achieve performance goals.

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Moving beyond (traditional) CRM in Medical Devices Sales

Innovations and changes in Medical Devices industry are rapid. Mobile technology is revolutionizing medical devices industry today. In the medical device industry sales reps are not mandated to record every conversation with physicians, hospitals, doctors unlike a pharmaceutical company which makes keeping a track of records, data and conversations difficult. But a customer relationship management (CRM) software can have a massive impact on operational efficiencies of sales reps and it gets better; a CRM can help you track every conversation a sales rep would ever have with physicians. Research shows that about 5.9% of the total health expenditures are spent on medical devices. Spending on medical devices has increased by 6% since 1990s. The opportunity for CRM systems to manage and consolidate data for medical devices industry is now more than ever.

3 ways a CRM platform can improve your medical device sales:

  • Engagement

Why does a medical device sales rep really need the CRM? Well, this list could be endless but businesses globally are now trying to close the gap between the customer and the quota. A tool with capabilities beyond CRM functionalities can not only help sales reps to engage with the customer but also create transparency in terms of communicating information with the management. An omnichannel and all access approach for customers and their reps will help build performance doctor tabletstandards that can leverage the business’s growth. 57% of customers are willing to switch to new businesses or brands just to get a better customer service. Now that’s a number worth taking a look at when it comes to engagement and fulfilling customer expectations. Adding value and a personal touch to every customer intearction is a driving force to the businesse’s revenue growth. In an industry like that of Medical Devices delivering sustainable solutions and driving growth is a must to be ahead of the game.

  • Leveraging data

Unlike pharma companies data challenges are particularly unusual in medical devices companies. CRM systems that support data analytics is the exact technology that medical device industry needs at this point. Relationships between sales reps and physicians is strategic and unique in this industry. One which requires constant which requires constant decision making. Organizations have started to understand the importance of data analytics for sales reps to enhance their knowledge base when it comes to communicating with the physicians or hospital administrators. Having key information about market places and customers in a single tool can help medical device reps identify priorities and opportunities.

  • Improve medical device product sales

Saving hours of email and phone conversations to collate all the meetings data can cause a significant waste of time for the reps. CRM technology can help you automate workflow and business processes in turn eliminating the time spent medical device blogphysically by the reps. Medical device sales can see a significant improvement with the use of capabilities that go beyond the typical use of CRM systems. Technological advancements in mobile is changing the way reps and physicians interact in this digital age. A mobile CRM has the ability to perform tasks completely paper-free and online. A neat way of having access is A survey conducted by What Physicians Want stated that 80% of physicians are embracing mobile technology for professional use. With mobile technology getting hands on in this industry sales reps are required to have more knowledge about what they are selling and who they are selling to.

The technology at Tikamobile can help deliver all these goals as a by product of putting such a system in place tremendous productivity can be gained. To know more about us and our offerings please feel free to write to us at sales@tikamobile.com

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TikaMobile Invites You To The Apple/Pfizer Roundtable

TikaMobile Cordially Invites You To Join Us for the Apple/Pharma RoundTable Event in

“Innovations in Mobile Business Intelligence for Sales”

The event is hosted by Apple at Pfizer’s Collegeville, PA Campus. The roundtable discussion topic will be the next generation of innovation in Mobile Business Intelligence for Pharma Sales. Join us to learn how innovative pharma companies are using TikaPharma to maximize the effectiveness of their go-to-market efforts by providing their reps the actionable insights they need to stay one step ahead of their competition. We will also be presenting a live demo of the software.

When and Where?

When: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 from 9AM to 3PM

Where: Pfizer Collegeville Conference Center (The Barn) 500 Arcola Rd. Collegeville, PA 19426

CLICK HERE: Agenda & Registration

RSVP: events@tikamobile.com

TikaMobile & PMSA – Changing the Game with Mobile Analytics


Who are the PMSA?

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) is a not-for-profit organization with the aim to efficiently meet society’s pharmaceutical needs through the use of management science. For further information about the organization please visit PMSA.

TikaMobile is pleased to be at the PMSA Annual Conference in Las Vegas from 17th to 20th April 2016. This is the third consecutive year that Tika will be presenting and giving live demos on a limited basis so do not forget to RSVP.

Stop by Booth #218 to see how TikaMobile is transforming the Pharmaceutical Drug Launch Paradigm and helping innovative companies thrive in this new world.

For more information and RSVP email us: events@tikamobile.com